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Independent Living Skills Training


The philosophy of the Waiver ensures that its participants remain as independent as possible; that they do all they can for themselves, and apply themselves to re-learn any skills that may have been lost as result of the injury. Independent Living Skills Training is a teaching service, and also helps to create a routine of physical and mental activity that increases or preserves overall mental and physical health. Allwel provides the staff that will perform the skills assessments, as well as perform the teaching and training of important life skill areas including:

Life skill areas included

  1. Independence in self-care
  2. Establishing systems for taking medications properly and on time
  3. Appropriate communication skills
  4. Setting up and keeping appointments
  5. Setting up / utilizing community transportation
  6. Implementing any plans developed by the PBIS service that address impulsive behaviors, or communication outbursts
  7. Money management including budgeting, setting up systems for paying bills, keeping records
  8. Household maintenance
  9. Responsibilities associated with going back to school or find paid or volunteer work

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Our Team

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Sandy Swartwout, MS Ed

Sandy joined Allwel in September of 2009, and has served as Positive Behavior Intervention Specialist, Community Integration Counselor, Independent Living Skills Trainer, Service Coordinator, and Clinical Supervisor. As Director of Behavioral Health, Sandy continues her clinical visits in the field and a number of participants visit her at the office. Sandy is a fundamental component of our care team when our participants’ include relearning skills lost through a TBI, as well as when collaborating with the whole care team in solving participants’ challenges throughout the agency. Sandy combines her Bachelor’s in Psychology/Education MS Ed in Education and Community Mental Health Counseling, a NYS Permanent Certification in Special Education, and PBIS certification with over 28 years of experience in providing counseling and behavioral supports.

Director of Behavioral Health
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Kareem McGee

Kareem Mcgee was born and raised in Florida. He graduated from Dunedin High School in 1994. Kareem joined Allwel in 2009 as an HCSS, then became Scheduling Staffing Coordinator, and is now an Independent Living Skills Trainer. Kareem has a passion for helping people and enjoys the constant challenges of the job. He is good at giving directions and “taking charge” in a situation. Kareem’s happy smile and polite manner is his trademark characteristic here at Allwel.

Independent Living Skills Trainer
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Ty Ron, MSW

Ty Ron joined our New York City Allwel branch in 2014, and has quickly progressed to the role of Service Coordinator and Independent Living Skills Instructor. Ty derives great satisfaction from working with Traumatic Brain Injury program participants, helping each find the right combination of waiver and community services to meet their goals of ever-increasing independence. Ty earned her Master’s in Social Work from California State University of Stanislaus, and also brings to us her experience working with children in need and hospice.

Independent Living Skills Trainer / SC