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How It All Began


Don Cuddihy, Chris Hall and Priya Pinto, met at Niagara Frontier Vocational Rehabilitation Center in Buffalo, NY, where they were co-workers. Priya Pinto hired Chris Hall in 1994 as a vocational evaluator, and the following year, Don Cuddihy, as a counselor. Although in the eyes of the world, this might have been an unlikely alliance, a strong friendship emerged based on shared values and a common vision.

In opening the doors of New Frontiers in Traumatic Brain Injury on Aug 14th 2000, a part of their vision had a beginning. With God’s guidance in all their decisions and actions, Don, Chris and Priya took on the stalwart job of starting a business from scratch. New Frontiers had its humble beginnings in the back of a bowling alley, where the carpet was good enough to sit on in lieu of chairs, and where laps served as desks. Many mistakes were made along the way but for the trio, the mission and goals were always abundantly clear. That mission included providing services for individuals with brain injury so that they could live with dignity and respect in the community, have their needs met in reasonable ways, and to have access to the supports they needed in order to achieve those ends. Over the following years, New Frontiers added a New York City branch, as well as expanded into more traditional home health care services by becoming a Licensed Home Care Services Agency. In order to reflect the company that New Frontiers had now become, in 2014, we changed our name to Allwel.

The other part of the vision was an atmosphere for staff that was respectful and comfortable, fun and friendly, but also highly productive, as well as one that embraced diversity and out–of–the box thinking. Today, the leadership team freely acknowledge two ongoing debts: to guidance and calm from a kind and loving God: and to their talented and dedicated staff that make Allwel what it is today.\

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