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Our Ethics & Guidelines

Our services are provided by highly qualified and dedicated staff, all of whom understand the right of your loved one to make choices, and be as independent as possible. However, in keeping with our core value of the right to make choices, our staff also understand that in order to protect the dignity of your loved one, we may, on occasion, need to handle choices they make that could lead to failure. In this respect, it remains our obligation to present the individual with the potential consequences of their choices, ultimately allowing dignity with risk, and real-world consequences. We will always make sure that your loved one is safe, but once this obligation is met, it becomes his or her responsibility to follow the course of action chosen. Allowing your loved one to make such choices, so long as they do not compromise health and safety to self and others, is an important piece of Allwel’s commitment to self-determination and the right to direct his/her own life. Protecting dignity at all times is central to the philosophy of Allwel.

  1. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that encourages our clients to achieve the greatest level of independence and right to choose with the highest professional and moral behavior.
  2. The persons being cared for and their families will be treated with respect and dignity in accordance with the accepted guidelines and standards (e.g. CARF, NYS Department of Health TBI Waiver standards) and professional codes of ethics and responsibility (e.g. Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification)
  3. Allwel will provide a written copy of their consumer rights statement to clients and their families, and post the statement of consumer rights conspicuously in public areas (e.g. administration office).
  4. Admission, discharge, leave of absence, site of treatment (e.g. residence), and transfer decisions will be based first and foremost on individual needs and rights.
  5. Individuals need to be fully informed of their benefits (broad treatment options and limitations) by the provider of services to assist them in making rehabilitation decisions.
  6. Allwel’s provider staff  will maintain a mechanism for addressing ethical concerns in a timely manner.

We treat others how we would want to be treated. We also follow the Ethical Standards outlined by the American Brain Injury Association, Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, American Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists, and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for brain injury rehabilitation service providers.  Our nurses follow the guidelines and ethical practices under their licenses, including those of the American Nurses Association.

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