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Service Coordination


A Service Coordinator is the person that ensures that your loved one is linked to and receiving all the services he or she needs. Whether these services are received directly from Allwel, an additional Waiver provider agency, or from other available community supports, the Service Coordinator will suggest and assist in doing what is necessary to make them a part of the total care plan. The Service Coordinator works with our nurses and counselors to develop your Initial Service Plan (ISP) and will make sure that all the Waiver services are accomplishing the goals that were agreed upon. The ISP is the document that is both the authorization for your services from the Waiver as well as the guide to your plan of care in the community.

The Service Coordinator will also adjust the services as necessary if there are any challenges or changes in needs, and regularly complete a revised service plan (RSP) that will authorize continued services from the Waiver. You work directly with the Service Coordinator on an ongoing basis to identify the services that make sense for your loved one, to achieve their goals, and to meet their needs, as well as to make the decisions on who will provide those services and supports.

By ensuring that you are taking an active role in the service plan process, Allwel is dedicated to assuring that your loved one is at the center of the care plan. This approach helps to preserve your loved one’s goals and independence.

    • The Service Coordinator is responsible for the development and management of the NHTD Service Plan, and updating it once per year. The service plan is the request by the “participant” for approval from the state to be provided the Waiver services in the plan each annual period.
    • The Service Coordinator oversees all the waiver services to make sure that the goals of each service (ILST, CIC, PBIS, HCSS) are being met, and works closely with the RN when there is HCSS (personal care services) as part of the service plan. These services work together to provide all the supports necessary for helping you remain safe and independent in the community.
    • The Service Coordinator is responsible for linking the Waiver participant with any additional services (housing subsidies, HEAP, possibly Alcohol or Substance abuse services, mental health counseling, helping find an apartment, or even working with attorneys for setting up/managing Special Needs Trusts).
    • The Service Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all entitlements are re-applied for on annual basis, such as Medicaid, Housing, HEAP, Food Stamps, or a Prescription Plan (Medicare Part D if necessary).
    • The Service Coordinator is responsible for making sure that any Excess Income (anything over the Medicaid monthly income limits) is paid to the special needs trust or the county as a Spend-down to ensure continuation of Medicaid. If this does not happen, the Waiver participant may lose his or her Medicaid eligibility, putting Wavier services at risk, or even the ability to obtain prescriptions. This is VERY important for Waiver participants who have more income than just Social Security such as a pension, or in combination with Social Security Disability.

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Some of Our Team

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Debbie McDermitt, LCSW

Debbie oversees the implementation of Waiver Services throughout our New York City region. Debbie has extensive social work experience including in-home counseling and crisis intervention services, as well as educational advocacy and training for prospective Foster and Adoptive Parents. In addition, Debbie has provided Clinical Supervision services to Illinois Department of Children and Families staff. Debbie had a private practice for several years, providing therapy services to individuals, couples, and families, as well as having worked with the US military being a Military and Family Life Consultant at military installations domestic and abroad. Debbie holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Jane Addams College of Social Work, and received her License in Clinical Social Work in 1998.

Director of Waiver Services
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Thane Schulz, MA MSW

Thane has significant experience with behavioral health in acute and outpatient settings, as well as patient advocacy in a trauma setting. Thane firmly believes in the trauma-informed, human rights philosophy in social work, and applies a solution-focused approach with his participants.

As our agency’s Director of Programs, he is the liaison between our programs and the community. Thane is also involved in program and organizational development, assisted with founding the TBI Reading Club at ECMC’s Outpatient Rehab Unit in 2012, and is a member of the Headway of WNY, Inc. Advisory Committee.

Director of Programs
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Meghan Canfield, MSW

Meghan is Allwel’s western New York Senior Service Coordinator, and is responsible for ensuring partnerships between our participants and their families, friends, and any other caregivers or service providers to create comprehensive person-centered service plans. Meghan oversees the Service Coordination team in their building these partnerships through being advocates, educators, brokers, and facilitators.

Meghan graduated from the University at Buffalo with her Master’s in Social Work in 2013, and is also currently working on the Clinical Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Program. Meghan also draws from experience with the Buffalo Schools providing counseling to adolescents using Solution Focused Therapy, as well as working in a residential setting providing direct care for adolescents with severe mental illnesses.

Senior Service Coordinator