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HCBS TBI and NHTD Waivers


Allwel also applies its Collaborative Care approach to our specialty services under two NYS Medicaid Waiver programs: the Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver and the Nursing Home Transition & Diversion Waiver. Both of these Waivers are designed to provide alternatives to care at a nursing home, allowing families to stay together in the community. They provide a robust set of additions to traditional care in the home including Service Coordination, Independent Living Skills Training, Behavioral Support, and more. Both Waivers have similar services, but the reasons for the care needed will determine which Waiver will be for you.

TBI Waiver

The Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid Waiver for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (HCBS/TBI).

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NHTD Waiver

Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver for Individuals with Disability. Created to provide a cost-effective community-based alternative to nursing facility care.

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