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Our Dedicated Team

Allwel_ValuesBelow are some of our caregivers including home care nurses, administrators, and schedulers. These individuals are the keystone of our Collaborative Care promise, and work together to ensure you and your family are receiving the homecare services needed, with the schedule that makes sense, and with timely response to challenges as they arise.

Julie Andrews Krieger, MADS, CBIST, Corporate Compliance & Privacy Officer, head shot

Julie Andrews Krieger, MADS, CBIST

Master of Applied Disability Studies/Applied Behavior Analysis - Brock University, Ontario; Certified Brain Injury Specialist/Trainer - American Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists Certification from Brock University/Ontario Brain Injury Association in: Home and Community Based Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation; Cognitive Interventions in Adults with Acquired Brain Injury; Neurobehavioral Disorders; Advanced Rehabilitation for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury Certification from Brock University/Niagara University/NADD in: Behavioral Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities. Julie subscribes to the rehabilitation philosophy of doing “Whatever It Takes”, to ensure patients’ goals and needs are met. Julie’s entire career has been enjoyed by helping with people with neurological disorders. She has significant experience in program management, clinical supervision, behavior analysis, training, compliance, and accreditation in multiple rehabilitation facilities across the United States and Canada. Julie also co-authored a chapter in a recently published textbook “Genetic Syndromes and Applied Behavior Analysis”. She began her service at the agency as the Director of Waiver Services in January 2003 and transitioned in June 2008 as the Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer. Here, she oversees the Department of Best Practices, and whose team addresses regulatory compliance, quality assurance, incident review, policy and procedure development, patient satisfaction, archives management, emergency preparedness, and patient privacy in both Buffalo and New York City. In her spare time, Julie is the chairperson of the Headway of WNY Advisory Council, a Girl Scouts Troop Leader, and enjoys painting, sewing, and training for the next half marathon.

Corporate Compliance & Privacy Officer - Western New York
Michelle Brown, Director of Employee Engagement, head shot

Michelle Brown

Michelle joined our Allwel team in August 2016, as our western New York Branch’s Director of Employee Engagement. In her role, Michelle provides mentoring to our Home Care Associates. Michelle additionally provides supports for our Associates to identify and/or realize their goals, ensuring that Allwel is a welcoming and supportive work environment. Michelle combines her healthcare experience as a Rehabilitation Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Phlebotomist, and Mental Health Assistant with her own personal experiences to help our staff solve work/life challenges and to prosper, “I love helping people to make bright paths for themselves!” Michelle gets motivated every day when she looks at what she’s blessed with, and also loves sharing with her children and granddaughter. In addition to her mission at Allwel, you can find Michelle spending her time as a Chairwoman of Christian Fellowship for Our Savior Lutheran Church, a Co-Owner of Dynasty Hair Studio, and a Co-Founder of Buffalo's Finest Drill Team.

Director of Employee Engagement - Western New York
Meghan Canfield, MSW, Senior Service Coordinator, head shot

Meghan Canfield, MSW

Meghan became a part of Allwel’s western New York team in December 2015 as a service coordinator. As of May 2016, she has been overseeing this region’s service coordination team as the Senior Service Coordinator, ensuring partnership with our participants and their families, friends, and any other caregivers or service providers to create comprehensive person-centered service plans: “We build these partnerships by being advocates, educators, brokers, and facilitators.” Meghan is rewarded through being able to witness and assist our participants in reaching their goals. “There is nothing better than being able to help our participants safely stay or be discharged back to the community, and reunite them with their friends and family.” Meghan graduated from the University at Buffalo with her Master’s in Social Work in 2013, and is also currently working on the Clinical Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Program. Meghan also draws from experience with the Buffalo Schools providing counseling to adolescents using Solution Focused Therapy, as well as working in a residential setting providing direct care for adolescents with severe mental illnesses. Just prior to joining Allwel, Meghan was a Service Coordinator for medically frail children and their families through the Care at Home (CAH) waiver. “In addition to my education and work experience, I also have a younger sister who has special needs…growing up I witnessed multiple Service Coordinators and other service providers coming in and out of our lives. I was able to see firsthand how they made a difference in my sister’s life, whether good or bad. It is those experiences that guided me throughout my career.” Meghan loves camping, spending time with and cooking for family and friends…”I am also an avid reader, and will often not put a book down until it is finished.”

Senior Service Coordinator - Western New York
Donald J. Cuddihy, Partner, head shot

Donald J. Cuddihy

Don began his career in Human Services over 15 years ago, serving people with Developmental Disabilities, Visual Impairments, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Since the inception of the TBI Waiver in NY State in 1996, Don has had the opportunity to begin two programs. Don has a warm sense of humor and personal insight of traumatic brain injury. He uses this gift to maintain a positive mission in serving individuals with acquired brain injury.

Partner - Western New York
Linda Geary, Full Charge Bookkeeper, head shot

Linda Geary

In her role as bookkeeper, Linda oversees all of the company's financial and accounting responsibilities. She brings more than twenty years of healthcare experience, and over thirty years of bookkeeping, finance, and office management experience to her work. "It's rewarding to know that my position allows the Allwel management team to focus on what truly matters-caring for our participants." Linda joined the Allwel team in March 2014.

Full Charge Bookkeeper - Western New York
Melissa Lapress, Quality Assurance Specialist, head shot

Melissa Lapress

Lisa has a lengthy history with the agency in multiple capacities, including experiences gained while performing reception duties, on call, HCSS/PCA, team building, Scheduling Coordinator, as well as serving on several internal committees. Lisa is now our Quality Assurance Specialist and, as part of our compliance team, helps Allwel in meeting our regulatory and policy responsibilities.

Quality Assurance Specialist - Western New York
Chris Hall, MA CRC, President / WNY Administrator, head shot

Chris Hall, MA CRC

Chris has been working with individuals with traumatic brain injury since 2000, and he has over 15 years of experience in human services, previously serving individuals with developmental disabilities and substance abuse related disabilities. Chris’ passion lies in assisting individuals with disabilities in their efforts to build and maintain their maximum level of independence. As an owner and Administrator, Chris takes great pride in the amazing team of skilled and dedicated staff that he is able to work with every day, and in their commitment to providing superior service to each and every client of Allwel.

President / WNY Administrator - Western New York
Sunshine Leddick, Scheduling Coordinator, head shot

Sunshine Leddick

Sunshine joined our western New York scheduling team in 2012, and brings with her a more than 20-year history in developmental disabilities including dietary specialist, Dementia Care, Cerebral Palsy, Schizophrenia, and direct care. Sunshine describes her work as “ensuring participants receive the best quality of care, and assisting participants, families, and staff build healthy, professional, compassionate, and meaningful relationships in the comfort of their own homes.” Like the rest of her team, Sunshine has some of the most contact with our staff and participants, helping them work through challenges and unexpected events…leading them to resolution both in the office and in the field. When not here, you will find Sunshine in her garden: “gardening is my passion…to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!”

Scheduling Coordinator - Western New York
Brandy Lenox, Lead Scheduling Coordinator, head shot

Brandy Lenox

Brandy Lenox joined the Allwel team in 2010 as a Scheduling Coordinator. In 2015, she became our western New York Lead Scheduling Coordinator and oversees the scheduling team. Brandy, along with the rest of the scheduling team, have the ultimate responsibility for taking the recommendations and needs of our Participants, their families, as well as the Service Coordination, Nursing, and Clinical teams and actually making them happen in our participants' homes. Brandy uses her college experience in nursing, PCA Certification, and more than 20 years of customer and human services experience to make that happen. But most importantly, it is her philosophy of "making a positive difference in the life of others with compassion, care, concern, and communication" that helps bring success to Allwel in the community...that and Brandy has the sweetest voice...people call just to hear her.

Lead Scheduling Coordinator - Western New York
Sean Lewis, VP Operations, head shot

Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis joined Allwel in 2011, and is responsible for branch operations in the western NY and New York City regions. With more than 15 years of experience in home care services, as well as a background that includes municipal planning, economic development, and sales, Sean has been supporting various organizations’ efforts to provide quality products and service excellence. Prior to joining Allwel, Sean was a LHCSA Quality Management Supervisor, where he developed their Quality Assurance and Records Management programs. Sean also provided the oversight of the case management team, as well as the overall implementation of NYS Medicaid Traumatic Brain Injury/Nursing Home Transition & Diversion Waiver services for persons seeking alternatives to nursing homes. At Allwel, Sean continues his commitment to helping people collaborate on finding the right match in a caregiver and services, as well as serves on a number of area boards and committees dedicated to advocating or fundraising for persons with disabilities. When not at work, you can find Sean spending time with his family, riding his bike, reading a book, or at the movies.

VP Operations - Western New York
Daniel Livingston, Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support, head shot

Daniel Livingston

Dan has been working with Allwel in our western New York region as a Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support Specialist since 2013. A very special charge, Dan works with participants whose goals are to incorporate better communication skills and re-developing social competencies that have been lost due to traumatic brain injury. Incorporating this component of services into plans of care requires “a nurturing environment, patience, adaptability, sound judgment, as well as creative problem solving in furthering goals of independence.” Dan brings to his work a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and over 25 years of experience working with people with traumatic brain injury or developmental disabilities. In addition to raising two adopted children from Kazakhstan, Dan enjoys hiking, Frisbee, travel, and gardening.

Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support - Western New York
Marti Maloney, Human Resources Generalist, head shot

Marti Maloney

Marti joined Allwel in January 2015 as the Human Resource Coordinator and became our agency Generalist in 2016. Marti has over 20 years’ experience in Administration and Human Resources. Marti works diligently to provide outstanding caregivers to the participants that we service, as well as being an excellent resource and support to the associates at Allwel. “I believe that great care starts with providing the best support we can to our associates…” Prior to joining Allwel, Marti was the Business Office Manager/Human Resource Coordinator for Catholic Health and Elderwood. “It’s about being a good communicator, outgoing and friendly, approachable, and dependable.” Marti is all about the outdoors, and also her 5 grandchildren.

Human Resources Generalist - Western New York
Debbie McDermitt, LCSW, Director of Waiver Services, head shot

Debbie McDermitt, LCSW

Debbie joined our New York City branch as Director of Waiver Services in 2013, where she oversees the implementation of Waiver Services throughout the five boros. “I strive to assist participants in receiving quality services, both within the agency and with any other providers needed.” Before joining our team, Debbie provided in-home counseling and crisis intervention services, as well as educational advocacy and training for prospective Foster and Adoptive Parents. In addition, Debbie provided Clinical Supervision services to Illinois Department of Children and Families staff. Debbie had a private practice for several years, providing therapy services to individuals, couples, and families, as well as having worked with the US military being a Military and Family Life Consultant at military installations domestic and abroad. Debbie holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago's Jane Addams College of Social Work, and received her License in Clinical Social Work in 1998. Debbie is also currently teaching counseling skills at the University of Bridgeport Naturpathic Medicine Program. When we asked Debbie what she likes to do in her free time, she (only-half) jokingly replied that with two small children, “there is none…they are my hobbies.” However, she does like to teach Yoga, read and is a great fan of college football.

Director of Waiver Services - New York City
Kareem Mcgee, Scheduler and Independent Living Skills Trainer, head shot

Kareem Mcgee

Kareem Mcgee was born and raised in Florida. He graduated from Dunedin High School in 1994. Kareem joined Allwel in 2009 as an HCSS, then became the NY branch Scheduling Coordinator, and is now an Independent Living Skills Trainer. Kareem has a passion for helping people and enjoys the constant challenges of the job. He is good at giving directions and “taking charge” in a situation. Kareem’s happy smile and polite manner is his trademark characteristic here at Allwel. Kareem's passion is cooking, and he has received awards and great recognitions for the dishes he has created.

Scheduler and Independent Living Skills Trainer - New York City
Priya Pinto, PhD, Executive Director / NYC Administrator, head shot

Priya Pinto, PhD

Priya has an extensive background in working with individuals with disabilities, including individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injury. Priya started in the field as a vocational evaluator, but that opportunity opened the door to several others, resulting in a broad based experience that included case management for multiple client needs, assisting clients with setting and achieving personal and vocational goals, offering support and resources to help obtain and retain employment in the community, and behavioral assessment along with positive, proactive behavior support and management. Priya also has experience in teaching rehabilitation topics to professionals working in the field. As an owner and an Administrator, Priya admits that the favorite part of her role is the creativity that can be employed in solving work problems, using a mutual vision and value system that herself and her partners use as their guide for decision making. Her area of specialty is a broad understanding of behavior, what causes and sustains both desirable and undesirable behavior, and her knowledge and expertise of those principles as they apply to the population of individuals with brain injury. Through it all, Priya has a dual commitment: the first is to the right of an individual with a disability to choose and to be integrated in the community, and to be respected as a unique individual with a unique perspective. The other equally important part is the provision of a workplace that is comfortable and respectful, where individuals can use their talents to flourish and grow and, where they can achieve recognition and value.

Executive Director / NYC Administrator - New York City
Ty Ron, MSW, Service Coordinator, ILST, head shot

Ty Ron, MSW

Ty Ron joined our New York City Allwel branch in 2014, and has quickly progressed to the role of Service Coordinator and Independent Living Skills Instructor. Ty derives great satisfaction from working with Traumatic Brain Injury program participants, helping each find the right combination of waiver and community services to meet their goals of ever-increasing independence. Ty earned her Master’s in Social Work from California State University of Stanislaus, and also brings to us her experience working with children in need and hospice. “To be good at this work, you have to be compassionate, sympathetic, and very hardworking.” Ty is also an avid Texas Hold’em player, reader, and we have come to understand, a formidable Fantasy Football championship holder.

Service Coordinator, ILST - New York City
Nicholette Thomas, MS CRC CASAC-T, Vocational Counselor / Service Coordinator, head shot

Nicholette Thomas, MS CRC CASAC-T

Nicholette joined the WNY Allwel team in March of 2015, originally starting as a Service Coordinator for the TBI Waiver. In September of the same year, she added a position within the VetSuccess program. The VetSuccess program is a contracted service, and encompasses completing Independent Living Skills Assessments and Case Management to Veterans all over New York State, assisting them with maintaining independence in their homes. VetSuccess has since grown to also include Case Management services for Service Members transitioning from active duty due to Service Connected Disabilities. This is a very fulfilling part of Nicholette’s work, and makes the long drives all around New York worth it. Nicholette is a native born Buffalonian and attended, both, undergraduate and graduate school at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She has her Master’s in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, is a nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, and is a NYS Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor Trainee. Before Allwel, she interned at the VA Medical Center in Buffalo, worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at a Supported Employment agency, served as a Senior Addictions Counselor at a Substance Abuse clinic, and fulfilled the roles of a Social Worker, Counselor, and Employment Specialist at the Buffalo Halfway House for federal inmates transitioning back into society. In her personal life, Nicholette is the proud mother of two beautiful children, and she has found much enjoyment in publishing her own multiracial haircare blog and website.

Vocational Counselor / Service Coordinator - Western New York