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What is Collaborative Home Care?

It is a unified team that provides the best home health care. We start off with our schedulers matching up the best personality fit to build a strong relationship between the participant and aide. Our aide can be there for companionship and safety or provide more hands on personal care. Our registered nurse (RN) develops a plan of care in conjunction with the participant’s doctor. The doctor will sign off on the plan. After providing care for your loved one, your homecare aide will write daily notes that are reviewed by our RN for any noticeable changes in health status. Your loved one is the focal point of the care we provide. Our aides, schedulers, homecare nurses, social workers, as well as you and your doctor all working together. We flex by design and by your command…We call that Collaborative Care.

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Home care is done best when it is a partnership between you and us.

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Why is Collaborative Care important?

Too many times the well being of a loved one turns into a medical conversation. Charts and protocols dictating the best course of action. We know that a collaborative approach to homecare allows us to create the finest experience. Our home care aides, nurses, and schedulers all working together with you to provide the proper plan of care.

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Home Care

Here is the full range of homecare services we can provide so you can feel confident they are being cared for.

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Case Management

Case management takes the pressure off of you in finding the right services, managing Insurances, and much more.

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TBI & NHTD Waivers

Information about the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and the Nursing Home Transition & Diversion (NHTD) Waivers.

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What people are saying

<span> , participant</span>
"I would say David and Van are my favorites. They treat me like a friend, not like a patient or a client… with Van, all you have to say is ‘I’d really like to see that movie,’ and off we go…they would take me to see my sister or my grandchildren… I have absolutely no idea where I’d be without you."
- Rita , participant